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Thread: 801-852-0351 Read this if had calls from 801-852-0351

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    A Rothchild

    801-852-0351 Read this if had calls from 801-852-0351

    This company still rings even though you tell them not to. They have no respect and are unprofessional.

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    This company is called 'Amacai Information Corporation'. They are located in McLean, Virginia. They provide companies with consumers and businesses contact details and information. It offers name, address, and phone data solutions for remarketing, identifying revenue growth opportunities, or verifying contact information.

    Code: 8018520351

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    Who are these pests?

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    This company called the main number of my work today. Jesse the girl that called, could barely speak english. Couldn't understand english. Couldn't understand how to use a phone. Did not know who she was calling. I'm not sure she understood she was on a phone, she was lost and confused. She asked if she could update our contact info.

    No, bye!

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