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Thread: 888-393-7163 Read this if had calls from 888-393-7163

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    Tom K

    888-393-7163 Read this if had calls from 888-393-7163

    I need to know who this number is! Please help?

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    Dec 2012
    I had a call from this number 2 days ago and it made me mad. They said they are with Bill me later and asked if I bought things online like Wal-mart & They asked me for my name, then gave me 4 digits acct # which I don't have and an address that I don't even know. After questioning them, they said they wanted to protect me by asking me to provide my maiden name....something was up.....I turned around and asked them if they could provide me my maiden name on their system....they put me on hold forever.....I was mad and hung up after all. Obviously, I have no idea who they are looking for.

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